[ENG] Install Yubico Authenticator

Installation of the Yubico Authenticator via the Microsoft Store

Installing the Yubico Authenticator via the Microsoft Store does not require administrator rights, every user can install the program themselves.
A YubiKey is required for later use.

Open the Microsoft Store e.g. via the Windows search.

Search for yubico in the Microsoft Store.

Download the Yubico Authenticator.

If there are any questions about registration, please decline them!

Afterwards, a login mask can still appear. Please close it with the X at the top.

Please be patient, this can sometimes take a while.

After successful installation, there is a button to open the app.

The store can be closed.

Open the Yubico Authenticator

You can now find the app in the windows menu and open it from there.

App without inserted YubiKey.

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